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ISBN 978-1-7320634-2-6
Author Tom Milton
Publish Date 2019-06-01
Type Novel
Price 9.95

Book Description

Elsa Romero, a college professor, is attending a demonstration in New York City to protest the government’s immigration policies. Karl Reinholdt, a white nationalist, is standing across the street from her, displaying a sign that says MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN. In response she displays a sign that says LOVE WILL PREVAIL. As they confront each other a gun is fired by someone on Karl’s side, killing a girl on Elsa’s side. The gun is thrown from behind Karl, over his head, and it lands on the pavement in front of him. Impulsively, Karl picks up the gun to prevent it from being used by anyone else, but the police grab him and take him away as the prime suspect. Elsa follows him to the police precinct and testifies that he didn’t do it. Karl knows who did it, but out of loyalty to his movement he doesn’t tell the police what he knows. With Elsa’s testimony, the police release Karl on the condition that he remains in the area so that they can interview him further. When she meets him outside the precinct, Elsa learns that he has come to New York from Ohio, he has no place to stay, and he has no money to pay for a hotel. Relying on her instincts, she takes him home to Yonkers where she lives with her parents. The next morning Karl receives a text message from the killer threatening him and anyone who helps him, so Elsa must find a place to hide him while she tries to convince him to tell the police who fired the gun.