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ISBN 978-0-9829904-2-1
Author R.D. Miksa
Publish Date 2011-05-01
Type Nonfiction
Price 9.95

Book Description

Drawing on his vivid experiences as an officer with the NATO combat forces in Afghanistan, R.D. Miksa has written an illuminating handbook on leadership for people in any type of situation that requires a leader. He offers ten principles of Catholic Leadership, which he defines: "In keeping with the example of Christ, the teachings of the Catholic Church, and absolute obedience to moral truth, Catholic leadership is both the art and the science of guiding, shepherding, and managing other free-willed persons towards created and sustained goals, aims, and an overall Catholic vision, without solely or explicitly relying on visible authority or coercive power-God willing." The author illustrates each of the ten principles with lessons from Jesus and from his own career as a military leader. He explains two styles of leadership that should be adopted depending on the exigency of the situation and the competency of the followers: the active strength of love, and the passive strength of faith. And he provides a self-assessment for people who aspire to be Catholic leaders.