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ISBN 978-0-9794579-8-2
Author Eileen Lanahan
Publish Date 2010-08-01
Type Novel
Price 9.95

Book Description

Kerry McGrath is a shy teenage girl who believes she has nothing to offer because she isn't pretty, she isn't smart, and she isn't talented. One day, while walking home from school on the path of the old aqueduct that runs by her house, she meets Brian Donahue, the school's star athlete, who has recently broken his arm in a basketball game. Brian never noticed her before, but now for reasons she doesn't understand this boy who could have any girl he wanted is suddenly interested in her. As she gets to know him she discovers that he has family problems and a deep, unmet need for love. Her mother, who sees how Kerry could be badly hurt by her relationship with Brian, tries to stop her from getting too involved with him, but these efforts only strengthen Kerry's desire to help Brian as he becomes unable to live with his family. Believing she can save him with her love, she's willing to risk her life for him, and in a dramatic climax she faces the ultimate test of her love.