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Simon Bathurst

  • The Financial Crash - (nonfiction)

    The author explains in simple language why our financial system crashed in 2008, how it will affect people, and what the government should do to fix it.

  • Barbara Benjamin

  • Christ Conscious Leadership - (nonfiction)

    This book invites people of every faith to develop the consciousness of the Eternal Absolute. Anchored in the traditional wisdom of the world's major cultures as well as in current perspectives from a wide range of disciplines, the book guides the reader through five steps in the process of becoming a Christ conscious leader and provides exercises for introspection, self-assessment, and personal growth.
  • Face to Face - (poetry)

    Not poetry for poetry's sake, these poems are truly an uninhibited reflection of the miracles and wonders of nature and the struggles and victories of the human spirit. Written in the simplest of words, they can reach every soul searching for the truth of God’s love and steadfastness through life’s trials.
  • The Joshua Priest: A Biography of Faith - (nonfiction)

    Millions of readers have had their lives transformed by "the good news" of Jesus’ unconditional love that they find in the writings of Father Joseph Francis Girzone, author of the Joshua books. In this inspiring biography, readers discover the deeply rooted faith that repeatedly saved Father Joe’s life and made his Joshua ministry possible.

  • Eileen Lanahan

  • An Act of Love - (novel)

    A shy teenage girl is surprised to learn that the school hero reciprocates her ardent love, but when she gets to know him better she discovers that he is a deeply troubled boy. Believing she can save him with her love, she’s willing to risk her life for him, and in a dramatic climax she faces the ultimate test of her love.

  • James M. McMahon

  • Always Say Hello to Life - (nonfiction)

    The most influential relationship we will ever have is with mother. So we are hesitant and perhaps a bit frightened to develop our own ideas and feelings and values. But we must if we are to have a healthy and happy relationship with others. This book describes the process of letting go that quiets shame and results in more self love and joy.

  • R.D. Miksa

  • Catholic Leadership: Lessons from Jesus and a Faithful Centurion - (nonfiction)

    Drawing on his experience with the NATO combat forces in Afghanistan, R.D. Miksa offers us ten principles of Catholic leadership that are based on lessons from Jesus and from his own career as a military officer. He shows us which of the two basic styles of leadership to use in response to the type of situation and the type of follower: the active strength of love and the passive strength of faith.

  • Tom Milton

  • The Admiral's Daughter - (novel)

    A young woman from an old plantation family in Mississippi opposes her father on racial integration in the early 1960s. Suspecting that her father, a white supremacist, is killing civil rights activists in Mississippi, she pursues the truth so that she can finally free herself from a legacy of guilt and hatred.
  • All the Flowers - (novel)

    A gifted young singer with unshakable faith tries to stop her twin brother from enlisting in the army and going to fight in Vietnam to prove to his father that he is a man. Accompanied by a pianist who falls in love with her when he hears her sing, she tries to save her brother but her faith is tested by events.
  • The Godmother - (novel)

    Gina Moretti begins to worry when her goddaughter, Marisol, doesn’t come home from work at the usual time and doesn’t respond to text messages. With help from the local police, Gina and her husband determine that Marisol, who was adopted by her brother and his wife but was abandoned by them four years ago, has been lured by someone she met on the internet who claims to know where her birth mother is, and her trail leads to the city with the highest murder rate in the world.
  • The Golden Door - (novel)

    A young Latina woman whose parents are illegal immigrants is planning to start her freshman year at the University of Alabama and to play on the women's soccer team when her life is disrupted by a new state law that will make it a crime for her parents to work and will prohibit her from attending the university.
  • Infamy - (novel)

    An American security agent is assigned to work in Madrid with a woman who is a member of a Spanish counterterrorism team on the mission of stopping a terrorist attack. The plot involves the use of laundered money to buy weapons of mass destruction that will be directed at an unknown target in New York City.
  • Invisible Wounds - (novel)

    When Nora Malone, a college student, meets her fiancé at the bus station after his discharge from the army, he has no visible wounds from the war in Afghanistan. But soon he shows symptoms of a problem, and now after three years of dealing with the acrimonious separation of her parents, she has to deal with her fiancé’s invisible wound.
  • Leave of Absence - (novel)

    A man escaping from his troubled life encounters the brutal reality beneath the surface of a tropical paradise. He becomes involved in local issues of social justice that begin to look as if they can be resolved only by violence, and he gets into situations where his life is at risk.
  • No Way to Peace - (novel)

    An American working in Argentina during its war of terror in the 1970s falls in love with a young woman who has fled her country for unknown reasons. From her and his friends whose lives are threatened by the war, he learns the meaning of courage and commitment.
  • Orphans of War - (novel)

    Rosario Suárez, an orphan of its civil war, returns to Guatemala with two missions: to teach in the school of her native village, and to find out what happened to her mother, who along with all the people in the village disappeared one night fifteen years ago. As soon as she starts asking questions she is warned by a powerful landowner not to pursue her investigation, and she realizes that he will do anything to prevent her from digging up the past.
  • Outside the Gate - (novel)

    A woman confronts a parent's worst nightmare when her twelve-year-old daughter is kidnapped by human traffickers during a family vacation on a Caribbean island. As she works with police and the FBI and organizations whose mission is to rescue victims of sex slavery and rehabilitate them, she discovers another world outside the gate of the one she knew.
  • Sarah's Laughter - (novel)

    A woman in her mid-thirties is trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. Her hope is kept alive by a dream in which she hears God tell her husband that she will have a baby. When something unexpected happens it looks as if her dream will come true, but when her plan is thwarted she discovers a side of her nature she never imagined.
  • The Silver Locket - (novel)

    Esperanza Vargas is happily working along a path that overlooks the Hudson River, feeling safe because she's on a college campus, when suddenly from behind her a strong arm locks around her neck and chokes her unconcious. The next thing she knows, she's being raped by four guys, who have blindfolder her, gagged her, and stripped her naked. When they finally leave her, she reaches for the silver locket that she wears on a chain around her neck, but it's no longer there, and she can't find it. The missing locket eventually turns up in an unexpected way and offers the possibility of a reconciliation.
  • A Shower of Roses - (novel)

    Eva was following the way of her patron, St. Therese of Lisieux, by doing little things for people as a pediatric nurse when she fell in love with Marek, a Polish exile. They are married and living in London in the spring of 1981, and as Marek tries to liberate his homeland from Russia he draws Eva into a world of political intrigue and tests her faith.

  • John A. Torres

  • On Higher Ground: A Journey to Faith - (nonfiction)

    This memoir recounts how a veteran journalist was able to find his way back to God through heartbreaking assignments at disaster sites around the world. In recollections from his childhood, Torres tries to pinpoint what caused him to fall so far from his faith, and he takes the reader on a journey to faith as he reports from Indonesia on the tsunami, from Africa on the AIDS pandemic, and from Haiti on the earthquake.
  • The Plentiful Harvest - (novel)

    Jack Hopkins is unemployed but enjoying life in his Bronx neighborhood when by a freak accident he gets a job managing an airport in southern Sudan. With his generous, outgoing personality he makes friends and motivates his workers. Then he meets Jenelle, a dedicated teacher at the Catholic elementary school, and he falls in love with her. But their happy time together is cut short when an army from the north invades the area, ruthlessly killing men, women, and children, and Jack is thrust into the role of saving what remains of the world that Jenelle revealed to him.

  • Albin M. Urbanski

  • Let All the Earth: A Contemplative Journey in the North Woods - (nonfiction)

    A memoir of a year in the North Woods by Albin M. Urbanski, whose observations of the natural world as a reflection of a Creator open our eyes and make us see where we belong in the order of things.