Books > Let All The Earth: A Contemplative Journey in North Woods

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ISBN 978-0-9829904-0-7
Author Albin M. Urbanski
Publish Date 2010-10-01
Type Nonfiction
Price 9.95

Book Description

"By the river there is a little cove that flows along our land in the north woods where we've mowed the weeds down to a pleasant little spot from which to enjoy the view. Alongside the cove, on either side of it, are bulrushes and a few lily pads. In the evenings the water bugs dance and mark the surface like disappearing pencil marks, and make minute ripples that last for just a moment and are swallowed by the still water." So begins this contemplative journey in the north woods by Albin M. Urbanski, whose observations of the natural world as a reflection of a Creator open our eyes and make us see where we belong in the order of things. "We are part of nature in one sense, but we are able to control nature in another. The paper on which this is written was once part of a tree, on which frost formed on a foggy winter morning. We can use it profitably. We can still be stewards. We are able to use the forces and resources of nature even though we are part of nature-that is, we are created. The beauty of the frost on the trees, gleaming against the early blue sky, is a beauty, a gift. But it hasn't made itself."