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ISBN 978-0-9794579-5-1
Author Tom Milton
Publish Date 2010-06-01
Type Novel
Price 9.95

Book Description

Fenly Aquino, who works in America’s homeland security, arrives in Madrid to help a Spanish security team stop a terrorist attack. He is assigned to work with Raquel López, a former cop. They have major cultural differences since Fenly was born and raised in the Bronx by a mother from the Dominican Republic, whereas Raquel was born and raised in Madrid, but they have a common source of motivation since he lost his fiancée in the attack on the World Trade Center and she lost her brother in the attack on Madrid commuter trains. The current plot, which the Spanish team heard about from a man on trial for the attack on the commuter trains, involves the use of laundered money to buy weapons of mass destruction that will be directed at a target in New York City. The key to stopping the attack is to pick up the trail of the money being laundered, follow the money to the weapons, and stop the weapons from being deployed. As they work together Raquel introduces Fenly to Madrid and its underworld of drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, and money runners. They have only two weeks to stop the attack, so time is running out on them as they desperately try to unravel the plot.